Tight budgets, even tighter schedules, and unrelenting market pressure to deliver ground breaking performance with each generation - your challenge is our mission. Exact offers our philosophy of design, training and tools to enable cross-functional engineering teams to implement “Agile” techniques pioneered in the software market.  The core of our philosophy is the use of off-the-shelf technologies for rapid-prototyping complete products including physical hardware, mechanical packaging and software development in close co-ordination. Where traditional engineering may “silo” these as discrete disciplines, we believe that success in product development depends on early and often cross-pollination of prototypes. See it, touch it, run it, and perfect it now, instead of waiting until critical decisions are “baked in”. Talk to one of our design experts about our training and consulting services to begin seeing your ideas realized faster and more reliably than ever before.
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Exact Assembly, located in Colorado Springs, is an engineering firm offering a range of design and consulting services. Our mission is to unlock the knowledge and creativity that already exists within our client’s organization so that they can achieve incredible things.  If you have an idea, we can help you apply the tools to break down barriers between the time when an idea is formed, when it becomes a completed desing, and when it becomes a fully realized object you can hold in your hand. Contact Us:Phone: +1 (719) 445-9004Email:  sales@xassembly.comUS Mail:  Exact Assembly, LLC 3246 Centennial Blvd, Suite #250 Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA
The technology market never sleeps, with product engineering occuring world wide today, you cannot afford to wait weeks for a sample of the latest design to be fabricated using traditional manufacturing techniques that are meant for mass-production. Fortunately the technologies exist today to allow for Additive Manfuacturing (AM) - high precision, low volume, and zero-NRE, what is sometimes called 3-D Printing allows your electronic CAD files to be reduced to a physical object faster than ever before. Utilizing these technologies is mistakenly believed to be too complicated, or too expensive for small enterprises. We can show you how to implement these now. If you are not ready to commit to capital purchases, we can fabricate many projects in-house, assemble, test and validate your design.
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When your team is stretched thin, sometimes a consultant is just not enough. Our engineering capability is available on contract to support your toughest technical challenges: Software:Embedded Systems )Linux, RTOS, no OS)Hardware Device Drivers (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X)Application Software (Linux, OS X, Android) Hardware:Printed Circuit Board DesignDigital Design (FPGA, ASIC)Prototype Assembly and VerificationDesign For Manufacturing 
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